Lynne Jordan Artist, creating works of art in pastel, oil and pyrographic sculpture. Her art depicts vivid scenes of Indians, the desert, pioneers, wild animals, and cowboy life.

Extraordinary Jordan

Vivid scenes of Indian craftsmen, personal glimpses into the hidden world of western wildlife and striking landscapes all reflect the background of Lynne Jordan. The subjects of Lynne's woodburnings find their origins in her childhood living in National Parks. Whether it was playing amid the ruins of Mesa Verde, walking through the quiet rain forests of Olympic National Park of more recently, living in the deserts of the Southwest, Lynne's heritage is translated into works of art which transport the viewer to the secret places and private moments of the American West. Contact Lynne to find out about her next show.

Lynne Jordan works in oils and pastels. Her vivid scenes of Indian, desert, pioneer, wild animal, and cowboy life reveal the mood, timber, and tone of the life force within and behind the eye of the artist. She has also mastered a technique in wood burning on 3-dimentional driftwood that results in pieces of pyrographic sculpture that achieve the same riveting intensity and effect as her paintings.

In Lynne Jordan's pyrographic sculpture, the wood burnings are done on naturally formed, untreated driftwood found on fresh water lakes or high mountain forested areas where wind, snow, and freezing temperatures have bleached, smoothed and sculpted the wood. There are no paints or dyes used other that an occasional touch of white charcoal. Different types of wood will burn in different colors; a greater variety of color is achieved by varying the depth of burning and in some cases, light carving and then reburning. By carving into the colorful interior wood, Lynne has been able to achieve the deep realism in the eyes of the wildlife.

Pastel Painting of Indian

Lynne Jordan
pastel - oil - pyrographic
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Natural Wood burning Piece
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